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Thank you for sending us your pictures of solidarity

Thank you for sending us your pictures of solidarity.

We would like to thank everybody who took the time and made the effort to show their solidarity with the Austrian animal rights activists on the anniversary of the commencement of the criminal trial on March 2nd 2011. Be sure that this was very much appreciated. To know that activists from all over Europe are ready to express their solidarity in various ways and by various means does make all the difference for the accused. Not only does it interrupt the tiresome routine of the court proceedings, but it also is a morale booster. So thank you again and keep it up, please!!
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Bericht zur Aktion: „Pictures Of Solidarity“

Heute jährt sich der Prozess gegen insgesamt 13 österreichische Tierrechtler_innen der Basisgruppe Tierrechte (BAT) und anderer Tierrechts- sowie Tierschutzgruppen. Als Zeichen der Solidarität mit den Angeklagten haben in den letzten Wochen zahlreiche Aktivist_innen aus der ganzen Welt Bilder an uns geschickt, die, wie geplant, heute veröffentlicht werden.

Pictures Of Solidarity